Adult Dodgeball Tournament


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18 years of age. I understand that any injuries or accidents that occur on the property of the La Crosse Wellness Center/Sunny Day Enterprises will be the responsibility of the parties involved and is in no way the fault or responisbility of the La Crosse Wellness Center/Sunny Day Enterprises. I understand that I may not bring or be in possession of drugs or alocohol on this premise unless alcohol is provided by the La Crosse Wellness Center. I understand that my team payment shall be made in one form of payment and that it is my responsibility to collect dues from my team players should I chose to. All payments made to the La Crosse Wellness Center are non-refundable and once my payment is made I will not be refunded. By signing this disclaimer, I agree to all terms described within and agree to adhere to all policies.

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Proudly Sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings!

  • All registered players will receive a free event t-shirt and BWW swag!
  • Winning team receives a free WING PARTY!
  • First 6 teams registered will be accepted