Coronavirus Update

LWC Member Status Update: Good evening. Sad news came today that we will have to shut down, effective immediately, until at least April 24th. The full release can be read here:
We have a few options, below. We need to hear from you before we can proceed.
You can put your membership on hold. Cost is $3 per month.
You can keep paying your membership dues throughout the government ordered shutdown. For those that are going to do this option, we will provide virtual training to the best of our ability. For standard memberships, this will include a 4 week at home training program created by our certified personal trainers. This will be at no additional costs to you. For studio and ultimate memberships (CrossFit), we are already administering our at home program.
You will only receive programming if you are able to continue your membership.
Please email us what you would like. Either say “Hold my membership”, or “continue my membership”.
Please send us your intentions by Thursday, March 26th at 5PM. You can send them to
As you can image, this shutdown is going to be very hard on us financially, as well as our members. We have stayed open in the healthiest way we knew how as long as we possibly could. Over the past several weeks we have heard from many of you and we truly appreciate all the support we got. Thank you and may this be just a short absences!
LWC Team!