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Week 1 – 6/8/20

Sports week

Join us for a thrilling week of action packed sports. Not only will campers participate in traditional sports, but learn about some new backyard games and activities that you can play as a family. What about sports that are played in another country? Not only will we focus on the rules and etiquette associated with playing a sport, but campers will have a chance to learn about sportsmanship. Come kick off the summer with a week of sports, games and activities to get your child up and moving.


Week 2 – 6/15/20

Nature week

The coulee region has many hidden gems. There are the bluffs, Hixon forest, the marsh, Myrick park, Perrot State Park, and so much more. Your child will experience all the region has to offer and its natural beauty. In addition to exploring the region, they will learn about the importance of protecting our unique ecosystems and what they can do to make an impact.


Week 3 – 6/22/20

Hero week

What’s your child’s superpower? Super speed? Super strength? Invisibility? Campers will meet local heroes and learn what others are doing to make a lasting impact in the community. Also, they will learn how to be a hero and what they can do to impact the people and friends in their life. Heroes go beyond the superheroes we see on TV and through social media. Everyone can be a hero.


Week 4 – 7/6/20

Service leadership week

Who wants to volunteer? Some of the most important lessons can be learned through volunteering? Campers will experience the power of giving back and helping those in need. We will plant, clean, and see what the coulee region has to offer for volunteer opportunities. It does not matter what a camper is interested, there is an volunteer opportunity for everyone.


Week 5 – 7/13/20

Water week

Bring your towel, sun screen, sandals, and swim suit. We will beat the mid-summer heat with a week in the water. Splash your way through the coulee region with pools, splash parks and beaches all week. Pack your lunch because we will be taking filed trips all week and spending as much time as we can in the water.


Week 6 – 7/20/20

Animal week

Creepy crawly? Furry? Slipper? This week is for those who love animals.   Check out the cute friends at the humane society or see what creepy crawly bugs call the Wellness Center their home. We will be exploring the area and learning all about animals.


Week 7 – 7/27/20

Science week

Has your child ever wanted to be a mad scientist. We will make science fun through simple experiments and exploration. Science is all around us and encompasses so much more than crazy scientist who want to make big explosions. However, there may be a few explosions of our own throughout the course of the week.


Week 8 – 8/3/20

Olympic week

United States of America? Canada? Mexico? France? We will be packing our bags and taking a trip to the summer Olympics. Campers will unite as one and compete in the Coulee Kids Summer Camp Olympics. The 2020 summer games will be brought to camp, but campers will compete to earn more than gold medals.


Week 9 – 8/10/20

Around the world

For a second week in a row, Coulee Kids Summer Camp will be packing their bags and learning about what the world has to offer. Try a new food, a new dance, new games, and much more because campers will be learning about countries from around the world. Not many kids can say they got to travel to a different country during summer camp.


Week 10 – 8/17/20

Adventure week

Campers will be pushed a little out of their comfort zone and participate in a week of adventure to wrap up the summer. The mind is an amazing part of our body and it can push us to a new level. Despite school being around the corner, there is still one more week of adventure to be had in the Coulee Region.