The foundational beliefs of UDX are optimal physical and mental fitness, community, accountability, and integrity.

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If you still haven’t heard, CrossFit UDX and the LWC have now merged to form UDX Fit! This collaboration has now expanded and upgraded the group training offered at the LWC. CrossFit UDX and the group fitness room have both gotten a major facelift and we’ve expanded the class offers in our new UDX Fit programming!

So what is UDX Fit? Well, our UDX Fit programs are designed with one major goal, results. Our programming and coaching are done to provide for you the latest and cutting edge training programs that will help you feel better and look better! Workouts vary everyday so every time you come you can expect something new and fun! But these are done strategically, and not at random, so that you will see progression in your strength, conditioning and see results not just short term, but long term as well!

Is the LWC still doing MyZone? Yes! MyZone is still used in our UDX classes but now in a new way. MyZone technology now serves as our assistant coach versus the program itself. What do we mean by this? Well, MyZone is the perfect complement to a properly programmed workout. It helps to guide you to work in the proper “Zones” for the workout and make sure you are using the right weights, working at the right speed, and using the proper intensity.

Now, do you want to try a UDX Fit class? If yes you can schedule a “No Sweat Intro Session” anytime to try a UDX 60 (CrossFit) class OR feel free to come try out our UDX 45 class anytime for a Free Week Trial! UDX 60 is our 60 minute CrossFit class which features high degrees of complexity, highly varied, and high intensity class! While our UDX 45 is our 45-minute class which features only moderate degrees of complexity, but still highly varied and high intensity! UDX 45 is designed to meet the needs of all levels and degrees of experience and fitness!

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