Athlete Memberships

2020 Athlete Development Program

Train proper movement, speed, agility, strength, power, and joint specific injury prevention all summer long to prepare you for your next upcoming season.

Fast Factory has been extended through September!

  • 3 sessions per week.
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • High School Athletes:
      • 1:30 – 2:45pm
    • Middle School Athletes:
      •  3 – 4pm

*All athletes must sign in on GymMaster app to reserve their spot for each session at least 1 day in advance.

*Maximum of 20 athletes per session.

Pricing Options:

  • Middle School:
    • $50/mo.
  • High School (includes standard 24/7 facility access. Main floor, cardio, turf access):
    • $75/mo.
  • Parent’s Memberships $19 add-on per parent for Standard LWC membership

Program Goals:

The Driving Force:  Due to recent COVID-19 shutdowns, the risk for injury when returning to sport/practice has become undeniably high. It is very important that athletes take advantage of any outlet they may have, at the very least, to maintain their pre-COVID-19 physical condition to avoid possible injury when returning to sport. At Fast Factory, we do not aim to meet minimums. It is our number one priority to provide a program aimed at reducing potential injury risk while also improving performance regardless of the current situation.

Our proven athlete development program is written and coached by our experienced/certified strength and conditioning coaches to ensure safety while training, improved physical performance, and a prepared athlete for his/her sport. We guarantee a 1:9 Coach to athlete ratio to ensure the best experience and safety for all athletes.

*Session sizes are subject to change due to the current COVID-19 recommendations.

*As a facility we will follow proper COVID-19 sanitation and social distancing protocol as recommended by local and state legislature.

Semi-Private Strength & Conditioning

The semi-private training is our most popular option. Taking into consideration gym availability, coaching schedules, and athlete schedules, it is challenging to meet the needs of each individual. Our Semi-private training allows the athlete schedule flexibility without losing the quality of the program.  This allows athletes of all sports and different seasons (in-season, pre-season, post- season) to be on different programs. We promise an 10:1 athlete:coach ratio in a small group atmosphere. Athletes in performing this training style must be 13 or older.

How it works:

Each athlete receives a custom-tailored training program designed to their specific demands. We write our programs in 4 week blocks. The first week of each block will be 1 on 1 with a coach to ensure each exercise is well explained and performed properly. After the first week athletes will then perform the next 3 weeks on their own during our Fast Factory scheduled athlete open gym times. During these times coaches are in the room and supervising, spotting, and answering any questions our athletes may have. As mentioned above, we promise an 8:1 athlete to coach ratio.

Semi-Private Rates:

$135/month + key fob purchase $25 (1 time purchase)

What’s included?

  • Initial athlete assessment/movement screen
  • Monthly customized programs
  • Up to 3 one-on-one sessions every month to go over week 1 of their 4 week block of workouts.
  • 24/7 key card access
  • Access to all athlete Open gym times with coaches
  • full facility access

*sport specific skill development sessions available at additional costs.

Fast Factory 1 on 1 Individualized Strength & Conditioning

If you are looking for individualized programming and 1 on 1 coaching, this is the option for you. We will pair you with one of our experienced certified coaches to work with you 1 on 1 with no distractions.

Rate: $40/session  – package deals vary.

Team Training

Create a winning culture with your team by hiring our strength and conditioning coaches to write and implement our programs. Whether it is coached sessions, strength programming, or both, we will work with your team and ensure improved performance and athlete safety. Contact us for more info on rates/scheduling.

Online/Remote Training

Out of town? Moving? Gone for the school year for college? No problem. We offer programming and online coaching as well. This includes access to our exercise library, individualized programming, and coaching via videochat/text messaging.

Rate: $75/month

Parent memberships

Since we are an entity of the La Crosse Wellness Center, we are able to offer all parents with children participating in the Fast Factory programs a discounted rate on LWC general memberships.

Free Athlete Assessment

All Fast Factory Athletes will complete our free athlete assessment. Our coaches will walk each athlete through a series of exercises aimed to analyze and exploit faulty movement patterns, areas of potential injury, and areas of strength/weakness. We will also have each athlete perform baseline performance tests such as the vertical jump, 5-10-5, 30 yd dash, and T test to assess pre/post program ability.

*All athletes receive 1 complimentary tri-blend training shirt with a 3 month pre-pay commitment.

*All athletes 15+ and parents must purchase 24/7 access key fob for $25


“We Prepare, You Perform”