6 Week Transformation Challenge

Inspiring Change

How it Works:

Feb 24th – Weigh-in Weekend 8a – 4p
Meet with trainers at LWC to set your challenge goals, receive your participant packet &record your initial weigh-in.
April 7th – Challenge Completed!
Final Weigh-ins & transformation submissions due
April 14th – After Party 9a – 11a
Start with a workout, then gather at 10 for announcements. Male & female winners will be unveiled, and a whole lot of celebrating! Prizes awarded at this time.


Group Workout
Group Workout


Group Workout
Group Workout


Weekly updates, tips,
recipes and workouts
sent to participants


Weekly Workshop


Weekly weigh-ins
due and leader-board


Weekly Workshop

Weekly Workshops

Nutrition Jump Start

Type: Seminar

Feb 27 and Mar 3

Kick off your Challenge right by learning how to eat throughout the next 6 weeks, and how to use the resources and tools available to optimize your success.

Grocery Store Tour

Type: Workshop

March 6 and 10

Apply your Nutrition habits as we guide you through Woodman’s. Know when organic and grass-fed matters, how to read a Nutrition Facts label and pick out  our favorite healthy fat options.

CardioCoach Training

Type: Cardio Workout

March 13 and 17

Sync up to our in-club MYZONE TV’s and experience, “Smarter, Not Harder” cardio. You’ll learn how and when to burn fat vs. carbs, based on your goals.

Mobility and Recovery

Type: Workout

March 20 and 24

A great fitness program of any type includes just as hard of recovery days as their cardio and strength days. See what this feels like during this awesome workshop!

Functional Strength

Type: Strength Workout

March 27 and 31

Learn how to integrate both TRX and Kettlebells into your routine. These focus on strength, endurance, core, and stability. You’ll love this workout!

Kickboxing Club

Type: Circuit Workout

April 3 and 7

Finish the six weeks with this fun, fast paced class. Kickboxing club is a jam-packed hour of punching and kicking skills, drills to pair with strength and cardio circuits.

Final Leader Board


General Questions

How are the 6WTC leaderboards calculated? Where can I find them?

There are two categories tot he 6WTC; Weight Loss and Transformation. The Weight Loss leaderboards are calculated by taking the difference from your original total weight and the current week’s weigh-in total weight. The percentage change in weight lost is used to find the Male and Female Weight Loss winners.

The Transformation Challenge leaderboard is calculated the same way as the Weight Loss Challenge, but we are only looking at the percentage of fat pounds lost. For instance, if I started at 200 pounds and 30% body fat, I started with 60 fat pounds. If I finished the challenge at 200 pounds and 10% body fat, I finished with 20 fat pounds. The 40 fat pounds lost is a 66.67% change, and that percentage is what is used to find the Male and Female Weight Loss winners.

The MEPs Challenge leaderboard is simply an extra, fun challenge where a small prize will be awarded to the top Male and Female MEPs earners from February 26 – April 7.

I'm not on this Facebook page. How do I find it?

Simply go to this link and request to join the group. You’ll be added shortly after and can find daily updates, as well as weekly recipes and other nutritional tips on Fridays.

When and where do I weight-in each week?

The InBody scale is located at the trainer’s desk, near the entry of the club. The instructions for weigh-ins are located in front of the InBody scale, on the drop box. The leaderboards will be updated after 12pm each Thursday, so be sure to weigh-in anytime before Thursday at 12pm each week to be sure your updates make the leaderboard!

I'm a non-member. Can I still access the gym and its offerings 24 hours a day?

Yes. You can access the club anytime during the 6-week challenge!

Can I go to group fitness classes?

YES! During the 6WTC you can attend any group fitness classes you like! You can find an interactive group fitness calendar on the LWC website at https://laxwc.com/group-classes/ .

Will I know what the workouts are in advance?

Yes, Shane will be emailing the weekly workouts every Friday morning. You’ll receive both the previous and upcoming weeks’ workouts.

Will LWC be sending me workouts to do on my own?

You can follow along with what the other group (Transformation or Weight Loss) group is doing for their workouts. Utilizing both sets of workout programs will allow you to have a 4-day strength and cardio workout schedule.

Are the two Weekly Workshops the same content?

Yes, workshops are the same both Tuesday evening and Saturday morning each week. Both the Tuesdayand Saturday workshops will be the same structure, but the dialogue may change based on the participation of those within the group. Therefore, you are welcome to come to both if you’d like but the content that is brought by LWC will be similar.

MyZone Questions

What is a MEP, and how do I earn them?

A MEP is a MYZONE Energy Point. They are awarded as you spend time in each zone. 1 minute spent in Zone 1 earns 1 MEP, 1 minute spent in Zone 2 earns 2 MEPs, etc. Earn more MEPs by either working longer or harder!

Can I earn MEPs outside of the La Crosse Wellness Center?

Yes! Download the MYZONE Application in either the App Store (iPhones) or the Play Store (Androids). From the main menu (Red MYZONE logo on the bottom right), select ‘Workout’, wait for your HR Strap to connect and you’ll be set to earn your MEPs from anywhere.

Where can I find the MEPs Challenge leaderboard?

You can find the MEPs Challenge leaderboard in two places. If you log into your MYZONE account at moves.myzone.org you have full function to edit your profile, view workout details and find all challenges that you are currently been in or have been a part of in the past. You can also find the leaderboard in the MYZONE phone application if you go to the main menu (red MYZONE logo on bottom right of the screen) and click on ‘Challenges.’

How are MyZone heart rate zones calculated?

Your MyZone heart rate zones are created using your estimated maximum heart rate, which is the difference of 220 and your age. MyZone heart rate zones are then calculated as such; Zone 1 (Gray) is 50-59% your maximum heart rate, Zone 2 (Blue) is 60-69%, Zone 3 (Green) is 70-79%, Zone 4 (Yellow) is 80-89% and Zone 5 (Red) is 90-100%. To find accurate maximum heart rate and heart rate zones, read more about our CardioCoach assessment here.

Where are pre-programmed MyZone workouts on my app?

To find pre-programed workouts on the MyZone App, you will open the app then select the small, red button in the bottom righthand side of your screen. Click on the ‘Workout’ icon (This will also be where you can inquire to see if your heart rate strap is connected and working). Click on ‘ZM’ in the bottom right hand side of your screen for ‘Zone Match’ workouts. From there, you can search to find the workout of your choosing! On the bottom of your screen, you will be able to scan right and left to change the desired length of your workout. Throughout these workouts, your goal is to stay in the indicated heart rate zone as often as possible.

My HR strap is not staying connected. What do I do?

Wet the black electrode strip on the back of the belt before putting it on. Make sure it’s tight enough to not move around as you begin working out. The button and belt should both be facing right-side-up, lying right under the sternum, directly on your skin. check to make sure it is showing up on the app and/or tv. If you are using your phone, you are using a typical Bluetooth connection, so make sure your phone is close and that the connection isn’t being interfered by hiding or covering your phone up.

My MYZONE workouts aren't uploading or are getting disconnected. What do I do?

MYZONE is currently working on a few internal issues on this very problem. MYZONE’s suggestions are to follow the same protocols we have for being sure your HR Strap is connecting to the app and to give the app an hour or two to upload the data. If it seems to not upload, check the top right of the screen in the MYZONE app to see that it reads, “All data has been uploaded.” If not, click the button to upload. If that still doesn’t work, be sure that you are disconnecting the button entirely from your belt after each and every workout.