6 Week Transformation Challenge

Inspiring Change

How it Works:

Feb 24th – Weigh-in Weekend 8a – 4p
Meet with trainers at LWC to set your challenge goals, receive your participant packet &record your initial weigh-in.
April 7th – Challenge Completed!
Final Weigh-ins & transformation submissions due
April 14th – After Party 9a – 11a
Start with a workout, then gather at 10 for announcements. Male & female winners will be unveiled, and a whole lot of celebrating! Prizes awarded at this time.


Group Workout
Group Workout


Group Workout
Group Workout


Weekly updates, tips,
recipes and workouts
sent to participants


Weekly Workshop


Weekly weigh-ins
due and leader-board


Weekly Workshop

Weekly Workshops

Nutrition Jump Start

Type: Seminar

Feb 27 and Mar 3

Kick off your Challenge right by learning how to eat throughout the next 6 weeks, and how to use the resources and tools available to optimize your success.

Grocery Store Tour

Type: Workshop

March 6 and 10

Apply your Nutrition habits as we guide you through Woodman’s. Know when organic and grass-fed matters, how to read a Nutrition Facts label and pick out  our favorite healthy fat options.

CardioCoach Training

Type: Cardio Workout

March 13 and 17

Sync up to our in-club MYZONE TV’s and experience, “Smarter, Not Harder” cardio. You’ll learn how and when to burn fat vs. carbs, based on your goals.

Mobility and Recovery

Type: Workout

March 20 and 24

A great fitness program of any type includes just as hard of recovery days as their cardio and strength days. See what this feels like during this awesome workshop!

Functional Strength

Type: Strength Workout

March 27 and 31

Learn how to integrate both TRX and Kettlebells into your routine. These focus on strength, endurance, core, and stability. You’ll love this workout!

Kickboxing Club

Type: Circuit Workout

April 3 and 7

Finish the six weeks with this fun, fast paced class. Kickboxing club is a jam-packed hour of punching and kicking skills, drills to pair with strength and cardio circuits.


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