There is so much information out there on nutrition and fad diets. Where do you even start? What’s right and what’s wrong, how much should you eat, and why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off?

Most of us think we know how to eat healthy, but much of what we think is healthy actually is not.  Additionally, some of the foods we think are bad truly are not. The types of food and the timing of the nutrition you’re choosing most likely are robbing you of your goals.

Our solution will allow you to reach your goals and teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. Everything we do is backed up by current scientific research and evidence based practice. Your personalized program will be set up by a Registered Dietitian who will also provide guidance, accountability, support, and motivation. Our program has been scientifically studied and proven to work!

Stop cutting and counting calories to hit your goal when you will ultimately end up gaining the weight back. Set up a FREE nutrition consultation with our nutritionist today!

From our Nutrition Interns at Viterbo University!

Alexis covers Ideal Pre/Post workout meals