Strongman Competition

Strongman Competition

Compete to be the strongest in LAX area

November 17th, 2018

LWC Fieldhouse at 11am
Signup required before October 26
Sign-up fee: $25, Admission fee: $2 – Children, $5 – Adults

Pound for pound
Body-weight total
Max reps

1 point per rep
1/2 point for 1/2 body-weight

Most points wins!

Male and female division

Sign-up and question?
Contact Cody Wagner, Training Director


  • Once the competitor steps into the designated area, they have 3 minutes to complete the lift.
  • Competitors will be placed in heats, so they can warm up at an appropriate time before hand.  They will warm up in the main gym or on the side of the field out of the way.
  • Everyone will complete the stations in the same order for fairness.
  • Judges will call out “no rep” if a rep is not performed well enough.

Allowed equipment for the Strongman Competition

That order will be: 


  1. Lifting belts are allowed
  2. Any kind of shoe or no shoes is allowed
  3. Parallel will be determined and met by touching the plastic boxes as a depth indicator.
  4. There will be spotters and safety bars properly in place, so feel free to go all out!


  1. Lifting belts are allowed
  2. NO lifting straps for any event!
  3. Chalk is allowed
  4. Any kind of shoe is allowed, or no shoes is allowed
  5. They can rest the weight on the ground

Bench Press:

  1. Feet on floor at all times
  2. Butt on the bench at all times
  3. Arching properly is allowed
  4. Supportive wrist straps are allowed
  5. No resting weight on chest
  6. Must complete full extension at the top of each rep


  1. Supinated or pronated grip is allowed
  2. chalk is allowed
  3. chin must reach above bar
  4. full extension of arms at the bottom of each rep
  5. No kipping or kicking allowed

Grip Strength:

  1. No hook grip allowed
  2. No alternate grip allowed
  3. Chalk is allowed
  4. Short lift off blocks, round is complete when the competitor drops the barbell from a standing position

Sled Push:

  1. Half body weight will be placed on top of sled
  2. Push/Run sled as fast as possible from white line to white line (long way of field) for time!  40 yards?
  3. Everyone starts with 100 points/seconds, each second that passes will be docked from your score. you want a high score remember